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DakotaLink provides direct services to individuals with disabilities and the elderly.

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In 1995, DakotaLink began providing direct services to individuals with disabilities and the elderly. These services include individual assessments, equipment sales, installation and training of assistive technology. This one stop concept has helped DakotaLink evolve in to a statewide organization that has 6 certified rehabilitation technicians located in 4 regional offices.


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Success Stories

DakotaLink Success Stories

AHE is a paraliyzed veteran who uses a SureHands lift in his home that we installed several years ago and continues to service periodically. He has been in and out of nursing homes and rehab facilities, and his lift system has significantly reduced the amount of time he has to spend there and increased his independence while at home.

Demo Success

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DakotaLink provided a Merlin to a Veteran's home and trained him and his wife about the power of connections followed by the controls. They has not been able to read, pay bills independently, or do paperwork for some time and were very excited to receive the unit. We then trained them on the various functions of the Merlin. We then followed up and the Veteran's wife reported that he is happily using the Merlin to read a paperback novel and the instruction manual for a battery charger. They greatly appreciate having the Merlin.

Alt Fund Success

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A woman's husband was at Mayo Clinic and was scheduled to come home on April 30th. He had been there for 3 months. He was very weak and was able to get a wheelchair from DakotaLink early to be able to get home in time. He would have had to wait 2 more weeks from the hospitial.

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