South Dakota AT4ALL

Looking for a good-quality, used, assistive technology device?  Or perhaps you have a device you no longer want.  DakotaLink encourages device recycling because it is good for the environment and good for your pocketbook.  DakotaLink’s web-based resource, found at, is an easy and efficient way to locate, sell, donate, or recycle used assistive technology devices, including durable medical equipment.  You create your own password-protected account to list your unneeded devices for sale, loan, or donation.  Or you can search for devices you need that may be available from someone else right here in South Dakota.  Click to Visit.

The South Dakota Medicaid Reuse Program

DakotaLink has contracted with the South Dakota Department of Social Services, Division of Medical Services to establish a program for the reuse of durable medical equipment and other Assistive Technology Devices commonly purchased for individuals eligible for Medicaid. The intent of this program is to use Medicaid funding in a more efficient and effective manner by recycling and reusing equipment that is no longer needed by the original recipient. A pilot program site has been established in Sioux Falls, SD as a first step toward evolving into a statewide resource. For more information contact or call 605-271-5074 or 866-274-2594. The brochure for the program can be downloaded from here: BROCHURE