If you live with a disability, or begin losing some functioning due to an injury or aging, you certainly adapt to many daily situations as best you can – often without putting much thought into it.  This natural process of “getting by,” important as it is, may make it difficult to look beyond your situational adaptations to the much fuller options assistive technology makes possible.  An evaluation by one of DakotaLink’s certified assistive technology specialists is the first step toward realizing your full potential.

It’s possible an evaluation could analyze every waking hour of your typical day.  Much more likely, though, your evaluation will focus on aspects of your life that are especially in need of improvement.  Perhaps you require better access to your community, or help succeeding in school or at work.  Whatever the case, you’ll drive the evaluation process forward by expressing your difficulties, hopes, and goals.   To make an appointment for an assistive technology assessment contact DakotaLink at atinfo@dakotalink.net or by calling 1-800-645-0673.