AT Activities

An assistive technology device is anything that can be purchased, homemade, or modified to improve a person’s day-to-day functioning.  If you live with a disability or are experiencing decreased functions due to an injury or aging, the right device could improve your life greatly – at home, in the community, at school or work.  Sometimes these devices are called assistive technology “tools” or “durable medical equipment,” often referring to the same items.

Assistive technology devices are often grouped in three categories.  A low-tech device is operated manually.  Pencil grips, walkers, and door knob adaptors are just a few examples of low-tech devices.  Medium-tech devices are electrical, such as powered wheelchairs and wheelchair lifts, audio recording systems for people with low vision, and pneumatic door openers.  High-tech assistive technology devices are computer-based.  Fitting this rapidly evolving category are voice-recognition software, closed caption decoders, environmental controls, “sip’ n puff” wheelchairs, and much more.